Inno-Core (the Core Trading System)

InnoCore is the best performance system in the market, supporting a wide range of products including securities, derivatives, fixed-income, stock borrowing & lending, and etc.


The system manages the life cycle of orders sent to the Exchanges, including

  • The order routing management system (OMS) which can handle 30,000 orders/second with latency less than 1ms.
  • Gateways connected to the Exchanges Sales hierarchy management system.
  • The system supports brokers, dealers to execute orders and track the progress of each order, managing the life cycle of their trades.
  • Real-time monitoring of positions and the ability to prevent regulatory violations, margin rules, risk rules.
  • Front-end with market data streaming, functions helping to fill orders for various types of securities and can track the progress of each order throughout the system.


  • User account management module
  • Cash deposit and withdraw, bank connection
  • Settlement modules (buying/ selling, put-thru,  cash transfer, commissions.)
  • Loan modules (margin, pay in advance, collateral, stocks evaluation, interest calculator. Securities management & rights (securities deposit and withdraw, rights info, rights execution). Interface with accounting system.