Inno-Algo (the Algo Trading System)

InnoAlgo offers institutional-grade algorithmic trading software to automate trading strategies in crypto, forex, stocks and derivatives.

InnoAlgo Advantages

  • Full Trade Life Cycle: Our one-stop trading infrastructure supports every step from order decision to best execution across multiple venues and, combined with our custody technology partners, seamless settlement and custody reconciliation.
  • Flexible Platform: Users can either deploy with our core best-practice set up, customize it to meet their own unique needs.
  • Limitless Integrations: Decide on which data providers to use or counterparties to trade with, implement your own workflow or trading logic and seamlessly embed our trading platform into your existing technology stack.

InnoAlgo Functionalities

  • Supported order types: market, limit, stop, stop limit, trailing, bracket.
  • Multiple time-in-force options: day, good-till-cancel, good-till-day, immediate-or-cancel, fill-or-kill, ATO, ATC.
  • Built-in execution algorithms VWAP, TWAP, POV, Trailing Limit, Sniper, Iceberg.
  • Support for spot and margin trading,
  • Algo order parent/child display,
  • Custom pre-trade checks, e.g. Maximum trade value, Maximum position value, Maximum order quantity, asset type white-/blacklisting or order type white-/blacklisting.
  • Multi-account functionality with support for sub-accounts, managed accounts and fund accounts.